Users all over the world have known that IMC with their professional technology,
Excellent design and Continuous improvement of its products. Meet the needs of customers. Provide you with factory single-phase and three-phase Gasoline/Diesel generator.

Gasoline generators, Electric welding generators, Lighting generators, Garden machinery, Road machinery and Pumps and other Excellent products.

Simple operation, quiet operation, durable, suitable for any use to match the current environment.

In 1994 IMC, since entering the market, it has been deeply loved by all users and has become a guarantee of famous brands and high quality.

It has also been awarded the certification and designated use of China’s Communication system to provide high-efficiency backup power supply and related products. At present, users have spread all over the country.

In addition, IMC specializes in the design of the user, which is light in weight and durable, so as to suit the needs and needs of each user.

IMC’s products are unique, high-quality products, can provide users with a full range of services, and can be used according to the needs of customers in different environmental applications, in order to maximize the function and operation, and more with less.
We will provide all services, welcome to contact us.