Gasoline engine drive High Pressure Washer properties:

  1. Can use high pressure water column to clean dirt
  2. Honda engine supporting ANNOVI REVERBERI (AR ) pump can provide reliable protection and quality needs
  3. The cleaning liquid nozzle and the 3 high pressure nozzles can be quickly replaced.

Gasoline mobile high pressure cleaner, long service life, this product is suitable for working in places where power is lacking, cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery, building exterior, floor, bath, swimming pool cleaning, door and window, the ground, the toilet, the oil and the corners that are difficult to clean by the work are particularly effective.

Solid body which suitable for placement in the car, easy to move and convenient for outdoor cleaning.

Maximum output pressure
(psi/bar) : 2700/160-4000/275

Flow (lpm) : 8.9-15

High pressure pump style: Annovi Reverseri