Generators that play an active role in all situations. We will introduce you to the key to choosing the right generator for you in three steps, from a broad product lineup that can be chosen according to your application and needs.

  1. Check the power consumption and startup power of the device
  2. Choose the Best generator output
  3. Select the type of generator
Diesel generator


Diesel generator
Diesel welder generator
Diesel generators



Backup power range  :  5.6-59.2KW

Rated power range : 2.6-3.2KVA

Net weight range  :  151-1230kg

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Diesel generators


Rated power range  :  1.8-5.0KVA

Rated power range  :  2.0-5.5KVA

Net weight range  :  54-102kg

Diesel welder generator


Rated power range  :  4.5-5.0KVA

Rated power range  :  4.8-5.5KW

Net weight range  :  100-105kg